Development Program in Cultural Diplomacy by Arts,Music

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Development Program in Cultural Diplomacy by Arts,Music

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Professional Development Program in Cultural Diplomacy by the Arts, Music &Cinema
Certificate Program in the Implementation of Cultural Diplomacy through the Arts, Music & Cinema
(Berlin; February 10th - 21st, 2014)

To apply, please click ... te-program

The Certificate Program in the Implementation of Cultural Diplomacy through the Arts, Music & Cinema is comprised of specialized courses designed to provide participants with core knowledge in the field of Cultural Diplomacy, with a special emphasis on the use of the arts, music and cinema as methods of cultural diplomacy. The program combines both theory and practical case studies from a wide variety of fields, such as international relations, diplomacy, the humanities, and culture. The program provides a thorough analysis of a diverse selection of cultural diplomacy institutions and the application of cultural diplomacy in the framework of foreign policy, domestic policy and multiculturalism.

Program Structure, Methodology & Curriculum

The Certificate Program in the Implementation of Cultural Diplomacy through the Arts, Music & Cinema is a two-week program devoted to the study of Certificate Program in the Implementation of Cultural Diplomacy through the Arts, Music & Cinema. The Program consists of lectures, seminars, workshops, social activities and special events. The program provides a thorough background in Cultural Diplomacy, using a historical and case study approach, while further accentuating the role and potential of Cultural Diplomacy to strengthen international relations.

The program addresses contemporary international issues, with classroom lectures and seminars supplemented by lectures and briefings at international and non-governmental organizations; educational events, conferences, tours, and meetings with artists and foreign officials are further incorporated into the curriculum. In addition, the program affords participants the opportunity to attend all ICD conferences, events, presentations, and other activities.

As well as liaising with artists, participants will meet with leading experts working in international organizations, embassies, religious institutions, research centers, and academic institutions, and will engage with specialists in the areas of International Relations & Economics, Culture, Theology, History, Communication, Politics, Human Rights, Peace Building, Multilateral Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, and Development.

Curriculum, Lectures & Seminars

Lectures and seminars will include an interdisciplinary mixture of the relevant topics to the field of cultural diplomacy and international relations taught by leading experts and practitioners in the field.

• Lectures and seminars will explore and analyze the following topics:
• The History and Theory of Cultural Diplomacy
• Cultural Diplomacy in a Multipolar World
• Applied Cultural Diplomacy
• The Role of Cultural Institutions in Preserving Cultural Heritage in a Globalized Era
• Cultural Diplomacy, International Relations & Global Politics
• Cultural Diplomacy and Global Governance Institutions
• The Arts & Cinema as Cultural Diplomacy
• The Power of Film in Challenging Stereotypes
• Sports as Cultural Diplomacy
• Music as Cultural Diplomacy
• Art as a Vehicle for State Multiculturalism, Integration, and Cultural Diplomacy within Nations
• The Practice of Art as Cultural Diplomacy in Post-Conflict Zones
• The Role of Arts-Based Cultural Diplomacy in Supporting Conflict Zone Mediation and Peace-Building


The Certificate Program workshops are a blend of interactive academic studies and practical training, which will assist participants in the development of their professional skills. Workshops will explore and analyze the following topics:
• Soft Power, Hard Power, and Smart Power Strategies Practiced through the Arts
• Arts Based Approach to Cultural Diplomacy & Nation Branding
• UN Cultural Diplomacy and the Preservation & Promotion of the Arts
• Case Study Workshop: Cultural Diplomacy through Film – The Case of Nollywood
• Cinema as Cultural Diplomacy and Facilitating Reconciliation in Conflict Zones
• Role-play Simulation: "Cultural Diplomacy and Music as a Medium for Building Trust"
• Case Study Workshop: Hip-Hop Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East

Program Locations:

Based primarily in the ICD House in Berlin, the program sessions will be hosted in addition, at a number of leading political, historic, and cultural venues across the city.

Program Participants

Individuals studying for the Certificate Program in Cultural Diplomacy will represent a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds, thus candidates are required to have an undergraduate degree of/ or to be currently enrolled to any field of Academic study and/or to have a proven work experience and position in related fields, as a pre-requisite for application. All courses will be taught in English. Therefore, a proficiency in English is also pre-requisite for application (For non-native English Speakers Studies in English or extensive working experience in English are sufficient as proof of the English level).

Certificate of Completion
All participants will be awarded an official certificate upon successful completion of the program and submission of a final paper to the course, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the courses. Each certificate will be signed by members of the ICD's Advisory Board.

Application Procedure

Individuals interested in attending the Program are required to submit the online application found under: ... te-program

Once submitting the online application form, the CCDS staff member will then refer to the applicant in an e-mail, with the application reference code, outlining all the next steps, including the supporting documents required for the application.
Dates, Deadlines and Tuition:
Program starts: Berlin; February 10th - 21st, 2014

Program Tuition
The tuition fee for each of the Certificate Programs is 475€ per program, to be paid upon acceptance to the program. The Tuition fee does not include Travel costs, housing, living costs or any other costs involved in the arrival and stay in Berlin during the program.

For more information please click: ... ds_icdtuta

For further enquiries please contact us at: